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Escape rooms have become all the rage in recent years.

Now glue this to a mason jar. Here’s your mission: Potter has been appointed a quest to return the stolen sword of Excalibur to its rightful place. Glue some fake hair (from a play wig, hair accessory, or old Barbie doll) to the pink flower pot and fill it with something of your choice.Players must determine that the hairy pot stand for Harry Potter, and that since the color is pink that the Harry Potter decoder should be used on the pink code box.Your printable game will arrive within minutes in a ready-to-print PDF file. But when two Ravenclaws get together with the idea of putting together an escape room for Harry Potter fans, you know it’s going to take some brainpower to get through. What do you think about using a Harry Potter escape room or a Horcrux quest in your classroom? It takes some time to create an online escape room, but we had a lot of fun doing it.The hardest part of building the experience was creating the puzzles. In the Harry Potter Escape Room helper printables I have included 8 potion labels to use to give jars and bottles that wizardy look, + 8 more editable ones if you want to create your own. On the back …

This escape rooms is great for groups, families, friends, and team building events!Click here to Learn more about escape rooms,Click here to Learn more about gift cards,Click here to view location 165 Geary Avenue This is a digital purchase - No physical product will be mailed.

I joked around and said to Danique: ‘I wonder if we could create an online escape room’. If you do not see it in your email please check your junk folder before you contact us - that is the usual culprit. You’ll love this great escape room.

One form an image of the Marauder Map, the other doesn't form a puzzle at all. The only way to read the message is to drink the liquid (or pour it out, but for fun the label reads "drink to reveal what is hidden in small print".Once the challenge is completed players will know to use the Hermoine Granger Decoder to decode the yellow code box to get this challenges code number.One a green tray (or in a green basket or bag)   Players must figure out that the letter that each of the objects start with is the clue, and then unscramble those letters to spell S-E-V-E-R-U-S.  A clue can be left in the letter.Once players complete this challenge they will know to use the Severus Snape Decoder to decode the green code box to get that challenges code number.Hang a large Harry Potter poster on the wall, or large vintage mirror. Danique Valstar and Florine Komen decided to build their own version of an online escape … We discovered that it was a bit challenging to decide whether a puzzle was too hard to too easy. Contact  Us At:,DARK BLUE CHALLENGE: The Hand You're Dealt,BROWN CHALLENGE: The Missing Puzzle Piece,RED CHALLENGE: The Horcrux of the Situation.Get Your Harry Potter Escape Room Party Kit Now!Assortment of jars and containers (also used in purple,yellow, and green challenges),Printed out magic labels (also used in purple, yellow, & green challenges).Bottle of Coke, pepsi, or other dark drinkable liquid.Sock (or other object that begins with S),Earring (or other object that begins with E),Vase (or other object that begins with V),Egg( plastic or another object that begins with E),Rock (or another object that begins with R),Unicorn Blood( jar using that label, or another item starting with U),Soap (or another object that begins with S),Harry Potter poster, Vintage Mirror, or other wall decor,Printed out Order of the Phoenix card box (included).Large jar from your apothecary set from the red challenge. A hint is included it 'The Letter'.Once the challenge is completed players will know to use the Rubeus Hagrid Decoder to decode the orange code box to get this challenges code number.In this challenge you will spread seven horcrux 'dots' throughout the room so that when connected with a red string of yarn it will form the initials L.M  for Lucius Malfoy. You can do this however you choose, here are three ideas.

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Wir sind ein Lesbenchor mit 20 Sängerinnen aus Berlin und dem Umland. Wir sind jung und alt, brünett, blond und Perücken-blau, haben Kinder oder keine und arbeiten oder nicht in den verschiedensten Berufen. Seit 2001 singen und feiern wir in wechselnden Besetzungen mit viel Spaß und Schwung. Unter der Leitung von Antje Hagen haben wir in den letzten Jahren unseren musikalischen Spielraum erweitert und neue Sängerinnen hinzugewonnen.