Pripyat hospital basement

Not lethal straight away but you wouldn't want to inhale that dust or stand there for too long.Basically an arm x-ray equivalent dose when measuring it.Keep in mind that this is over 30 years after the events, all Iodine-131 has decayed by now, Cesium-137 half-life is 30 years so half of that is gone too.Very interesting.

Also in the building of the hospital is hidden the most terrible place in Pripyat – the basement, where the things of firemen lie. Too contaminated to be moved. Pripyat had a hospital which is normal for a city with around 50,000 inhabitants. Firefighters' uniforms in the Pripyat hospital basement [OC] EDIT: to put things into perspective: It's probably around 0.1-0.15uSv/h in your house right now, that's typical background radiation, so this is around 11,000 higher, gamma only. You got some cool initials they can use?They had no time to bury the clothes, they were overwhelmed with the number of patients far exceeding their capacity. Since the city was evacuated, declared uninhabitable and fenced off, there was no point at disposing of things that are within the buildings.Also when the evacuation hit, they basicly told everyone incl. The firemen’s clothes in Pripyat Hospital basement? Whoever can walk around an hour with the fireman pants without their legs falling off wins what besides cancer?I mean I've seen people set themselves on fire for fun on youtube so I wouldn't even be surprised.From what I’ve read the room with the clothes has now been sealed off with concrete.I thought it was just sand they put there.Up until very recently people did loot the place, including the firefighter clothes. On a travel blog a guy mentioned that he visited the hospital but did not go into the basement because he didn't have appropriate protection. The sick people to just get up and get on the bus.The clothing, while still radioactive.. However, someone had pick up a helmet from the basement and brought it to the first floor where he was. A very huge building in Pripyat. In the hospital Pripyat today you can still find here such boxes with flowers: Beds in the eerie corridors of the Hospital 126. Pripyat Hospital Basement. I was just wondering why they never tried to bury / destroy the clothes instead of just let them lay there. I’m guessing nothing to mental seeing as your stood next to the uniforms.Basically you get a nice arm x-ray equivalent dose when measuring it.Keep in mind that was 30 years after the events, all Iodine-131 has decayed by now, cesium 137 half-life is 30 years so half of that is gone too.2000 uSv/h peak? (if that is actually a thing),If anyone’s stupid enough to pick up and take it home then I’ll be surprised.Ever heard of the Nuclear Boy Scout? This contamination is easily transferable, it can create an internal dose hazard through suspension in the air, and it produces external radiation fields that are significant (10s to 100s of millirem/hour). It is there that belong to the firefighters and employees of Chernobyl nuclear power plant, who extinguished the fire during terrible accident at nuclear power plant in 1986. Posted by 11 months ago. Close. It is neither a kindergarten, nor a school, not even the Chernobyl nuclear power plant itself, but MedSanCast number 126, which brought the first liquidators affected and the personnel of the NPP itself. 30 years later their clothes still produce around 4000 times the natural background radiation due to contamination by the radioactive particles released from the reactor. Hastily dumped in the basement these items of clothing, including boots, helmets and gloves, have …

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Wir sind ein Lesbenchor mit 20 Sängerinnen aus Berlin und dem Umland. Wir sind jung und alt, brünett, blond und Perücken-blau, haben Kinder oder keine und arbeiten oder nicht in den verschiedensten Berufen. Seit 2001 singen und feiern wir in wechselnden Besetzungen mit viel Spaß und Schwung. Unter der Leitung von Antje Hagen haben wir in den letzten Jahren unseren musikalischen Spielraum erweitert und neue Sängerinnen hinzugewonnen.