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Damit gab es zwar auch in Monaco noch teilweise Probleme, einige Fans konnten die Alternative aber durchaus nutzen.Monaco wurde zum Quotenrenner, aber leider auch zum Langeweiler,Mick Schumacher über die Formel 1, seine Titelträume und mehr,Monaco-Desaster hat Verstappen wachgerüttelt,Marko kritisiert Verstappen: "Einfach dumme Fehler",Monaco-Schwäche: Mercedes weiß, "was schief lief",Formel-1-Boss Brawn: Monaco-Kritik ist "naiv".Daniel Ricciardo neuer König im F1-Transferschach?Geduld aufgebraucht?

Monaco zieht eben doch an: RTL durfte sich beim gestrigen Formel-1-Grand-Prix in Monte Carlo über neue Saisonrekorde freuen. I might not need to learn French after all.Happy to see that the Automobile Club of Monaco, opened its doors to the public to attend a considerable event. I lived many years in Lisbon and then went to Monaco, places that are similar in terms of weather and food. What I mean by that is a place where I can play and not have too much pressure on me and a place I can develop. Monaco Lyrics: I'll go wherever you go / Chase you through the streets of Monaco / I'll run wherever you are, oh / I trust the rivers lead me to your heart / Every night, every day / (Whatever That track has always been good to me. The Monaco Grand Prix is in May right around the time of Cannes.I deliberately returned slowly to training after Raphael was born and everything, apart from being bitten by a dog whilst out training in Monaco at the beginning of the year, has gone pretty well.With the Champions League, it's not bad staying at Monaco.I was sad to leave Monaco, a club that gave me a lot of great moments, but in football, sometimes you need new challenges, and I thought it was time to move on.It's a different playing style than at Monaco; there were two of us in midfield there, and here at Liverpool, there's three.Monaco have been very important for me. It's the club that has helped me into the Selecao.I need to be in a stable environment right now in my career. In Monaco, it's classic Mediterranean haute cuisine. This is where I've grown up, it's my home, and winning the Monaco Grand Prix is the highlight of any racing driver's career and for me a childhood dream. It was one of most beautiful days of my life because I was lucky enough to get a signed shirt from the football legend Zinedine Zidane.There are no drivers like Formula One drivers. We were the biggest ducks ever, wearing rented tuxedos. Durchschnittlich 5,21 Millionen Zuschauer verfolgten das - zugegeben nicht ganz spektakuläre - Treiben in den Häuserschluchten des Fürstentums. There are teams like Monaco, Marseille, and Lyon but also Lille, Nice, and Toulouse, who are strong.I have business interests in Dubai, Monaco and all over the world.My dream is to have a beautiful old house in Monaco.That Monaco crash was quite a big one - I pulled 33g when I hit the wall, which is a lot. I want to show that I'm 100 percent.If Monaco retain the ambition of winning trophies in France and Europe - and that's why I came here - I will be delighted to stay.I am very happy at Monaco, and my wife is happy to live here.Le Championnat is very balanced and of high quality. They are engineers, in a way. I think my country helped me.There's something special about racing in real streets. "I pay a lot of tax, and I feel, one of the reasons I stay and pay why I'm not …

The 'artificial' circuits have a certain sameness to them. My first memories were of watching Ayrton Senna here with his yellow helmet, and one day dreaming to win the Monaco GP.It's very, very special for me.

I won there in Formula 3000, battled for the victory with Williams in 2006 and now I've won two of the last three grands prix there.I love driving at Monaco but the rest of it, well, I can absolutely take it or leave it. These are some of the things Monaco is famous for; Hollywood loves Monaco, no doubt! Monaco zieht eben doch an: RTL durfte sich beim gestrigen Formel-1-Grand-Prix in Monte Carlo über neue Saisonrekorde freuen.

It was like a Hilary Duff movie.I had been playing beach volleyball all day, painted my nails red, and threw on a green dress.

It's important to find the limit carefully.People might not know, but F1 drivers have new helmets made throughout the season. Charles de Gaulle : I've survived an assassination attack. Somit hat sich das langsam besser funktionierende F1 TV noch nicht so deutlich auf die Quoten niedergeschlagen. I know you can win in other ways, but I believe that is the way football should be played.There are seven winners of the Monaco Grand Prix on the starting line today, and four of them are Michael Schumacher.Well, it's looks like I've a love-hate thing going on with Monaco.Everybody seems to live rather well down here in Monaco!The women here in Monaco don't like me, and so I have to watch everything I say and everything I do because they're so critical.There is no such thing as a low risk lap in Monaco. In Österreich greift der geneigte Formel-1-Zuschauer auf den ORF zurück, wenn er sich kein F1TV-Abo leisten möchte. In Manchester, it's eight or nine months of cold, and that makes a difference, but apart from that, I'm really enjoying the city.I was champion for Monaco and had planned a five-day vacation with my friends in Palma de Mallorca. It's bumpy on the straights, and it's a very low-grip surface.

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Wir sind ein Lesbenchor mit 20 Sängerinnen aus Berlin und dem Umland. Wir sind jung und alt, brünett, blond und Perücken-blau, haben Kinder oder keine und arbeiten oder nicht in den verschiedensten Berufen. Seit 2001 singen und feiern wir in wechselnden Besetzungen mit viel Spaß und Schwung. Unter der Leitung von Antje Hagen haben wir in den letzten Jahren unseren musikalischen Spielraum erweitert und neue Sängerinnen hinzugewonnen.